Pro-Winder 3-In-1 Guitar Maintenance Tool


A very handy guitar repair tool.the pro-winder combines a high-quality string winder, clipper, and bridge pin puller in a single restringing tool for guitar and bass.


Pro-Winder 3-In-1 Guitar Maintenance ToolGuitar tool is designed to fit virtually all guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins.

Musicians daily use instruments Maintenance Tool, Extractor tool, instruments string maintenance tool.

Most guitar enthusiasts need this guitar maintenance tool,It can quickly and easily maintain the guitar and adjust the sound quality.

A guitar string winder is such a time saver especially for repairman!

The hardened steel clippers are also tough enough, string cutters cut through bass strings with ease.

String tool can loosen and tighten strings by unwinding and winding at the tuning pegs.

It can also pull out the bridge pins with the notch in the handle.

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