Learn Beginner Guitar Tabs With Ease

Learn Beginner Guitar Tabs With Ease

To put together the whole song on the guitar, you first need to be able to play chords.

As a beginner, it is vital you start from the bottom and work your way up.

While there is no standard list of beginner guitar tabs that people go by, there are between 8 and 18 basic chords you will need to learn.

The basic major and minor chords that you should become familiar with include A Major, An Intermediate B, A Minor C and so on.

A lot of beginners are amazed to learn that these simple chords can help piece together some of your favorite songs from artists like AC/DC Van Halen Metallica and more.

Upon learning each of the tabs. you can then piece them together to create sequences that make up the ever-so-popular songs you grew up loving. So where do you start to learn beginner guitar tabs?

The first step is to pick a chord family and master it. The chord families consist of the A, D, G and C families. Within each of these families consists of the tabs you want to learn.

For instance, the A family has chords A, D and E while the D family has chords D, E, G and A. To master the basic chords, you want to take it one family at a time.

Something that can be helpful is using a guitar chord charge which will show you the exact finger positions of each chord on a diagram.

Another tip is to find the chords and lyrics of rather easy songs you are familiar with online. You would be amazed at how many songs are generated from three or four chords.

If you are truly going to learn the beginner guitar tabs, it is crucial you put in the time to practice on a daily basis.

After you have learned a chord family, move on to the next until you have mastered that family. You want to be able to rapidly change from one chord to another in order to smoothly piece together a sequence.

Once you have mastered all of the basic chords, you can then proceed to Barre chords and some of the more complex chords. Before that, you will want to add 7th and minor 7th chords as this will prepare you for Barre chords.

The goal is to learn all of the basic families at your own pace until you can play them at any moment with your eyes closed.

The more comfortable you are transitioning from one tab to the next, the easier it will be to play all of your favorite guitar songs.

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